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Coaching and Training Services

TriSmart has several different coaching options and services. These options are described below. If you don't see a package that meets your needs then contact TriSmart and we can customize a package for you.

We also provide many other services in addition to monthly coaching support. These services are listed below.

All levels of coaching receive:

  • Upfront goal discussions - Based on questionnaire:
    • What distances or races are you interested in?
    • How many hours per week can you train? Strengths? Weaknesses?
    • How much time spent on swimming, biking, running? Etc.
  • High-Level Schedule and Plan for the Year
  • Detailed workouts for each day
  • Schedules available through online software
  • Regular email informational updates from the coach
  • Email support
  • Opportunity to attend special training days, events and camps
  • Write-ups on training philosophy, use of the Heart Rate Monitor, testing for fitness, and others as developed (such as, sport specific form and technique, pre-race preparations, at race setup, transitions, basic nutrition, etc.)
  • Race planning – strategy, pacing and nutrition
  • Workout nutrition analysis and optimization

1st Level
All of the Above

2nd Level
1 group session per month
Above bulleted list

3rd Level
1 individual session per month
Above bulleted list

4th Level
1 individual session per month
1 group session per month
Above bulleted list

Group sessions are focused on improving the skills and techniques of our sport. The group workouts are defined and scheduled by the Coach at times that seem to best suit the group.- the Coach is in attendance for at up to 1 hour. There will be multiple sessions throughout the month to choose from. There will be strength, swimming, running, transition and cycling group workouts. The type of workouts offered will be affected by the weather and the season. The goal is to offer early morning times and evening and weekend times to accommodate the most possible schedules.

An individual session with the coach is defined as a swim, bike, run, strength, transition or other workout lasting up to an hour, as determined to be appropriate for the individual by the coach. The individual and the coach will work together to schedule these workouts. These workouts are typically focused on improving the skills and techniques of our sport.

Additional services available

  • Getting Started Quickly is a 2 hour individual session with the coach when you first get started. During this session we will review your swimming (video analysis), cycling (on a trainer) and running (video analysis) technique. This is a great opportunity for the athlete to get some pointers right away and the coach can more appropriately focus the training from the start.
  • One-on-one Swimming, Cycling, and Running instruction or other sessions as defined (transitions, strength, etc.). These sessions include video analysis. Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Please see details on performance testing page
  • Video analysis and manipulation capability to analyze running, swimming or cycling technique – (similar to Dartfish if you know that product)
  • Spinscan analysis to measure cycling form and technique (compu trainer)
  • Video rides New courses are available that you can ride with actual video of the course (Lake Placid Ironman course for example)
  • Vasa Ergometer A fabulous piece of equipment that will allow us to build swim specific strength while also improving technique, stroke rate and measuring power (watts) output
  • Halo swim trainer This device helps a swimmer develop the all important “high elbow catch”, while also developing strength.
  • Underwater video equipment VERY useful for swim instruction and analysis. We video below and above the water to help you improve your swim stroke.
  • Managing cycling training with power – using power measuring devices and Performance Management Software.
  • Managing an athlete’s training stress and optimal form with Performance Management Software (WKO+). There is no better tool available to assess the impact of training on an athlete so their training can be managed to the best level.

Please contact us for more details at We look forward to training with you!

Get started now by completing the client questionnaire. Click Here.

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