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Everyone can improve - By following TriSmart's system of goal setting, aerobic base building, periodization, rest, and regularly testing for measurable results, anyone can improve and achieve personal goals while avoiding burnout and injuries.

Everyone is different - While we employ a basic overall methodology, it will be different for every athlete we coach. Everyone has different goals, time available, skills, desires and strengths and weaknesses. The plan we create will change and evolve as you respond to the program. One size definitely does not fit all.

Technique Matters- Swimming, biking and running require skill as well as endurance.  While most endurance athletes spend a considerable amount of time on the “endurance” part of training, they spend precious little on the skill part. As such, lack of skill eventually holds the athlete back keeping them from achieving their goals.  TriSmart is the premier teacher of swimming, biking and running skills in the Midwest.

A coach is more than an email – There are a lot of "coaching" services currently available. Although these services are fine for some, what sets TriSmart apart is our emphasis on individual and   group workouts with the athlete and the coach. During these face-to-face opportunities, the coach can examine an athlete's form, see how an athlete responds to a work out, and look for areas of improvement. There are some things that can only be done in person.

This is fun - Most of us are not professional athletes. We do this sport for a variety of reasons, but primarily for fun and fitness, to supplement the rest of our lives. Let's keep smiling and get better.

Over the years, TriSmart has worked with many experienced coaches, scientists and athletes.  We take our training seriously as well, studying and keeping up with the latest scientific research and methods concerning endurance coaching. Based on our education and our experience we have developed our own training and racing principles. Please take a look – we hope you will find them useful.

  • 10 Racing Principles
  • 10 Training Principles
  • 10 Training Mistakes

    We know you try hardů.now TriSmart! By following our principles you can avoid the Top 10 Training Mistakes.

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