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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What makes TriSmart different from the other services available?
Without question, the single biggest difference between us and "the other guys" is our "in person" philosophy. We don't believe in simply faxing or emailing a schedule once a month and wishing the athlete good luck. We want to work out with you. We want to see you in action. We want to keep you motivated which is much more effective in person. We do this through our group and individual sessions.

I am just getting started. Will you train me?
Absolutely! We will train everyone from beginners to elite athletes. The same training principles and philosophy apply although the specific training plans will be very different.

I don't use a heart rate monitor. Will you still train me?
Yes, but I recommend purchasing one. Training will be much more effective and beneficial to you if have a heart rate monitor. I bought a decent one on the web for $15.

How long before I begin to see results?
We will set benchmarks early in the training process. We will retest those benchmarks once a month or so. We usually see improvements as early as the first test.

How long do I have to sign up for?
We don't have minimum lengths of time for our service. However, in a practical sense it really takes 6 months to one year to reap all the benefits of a truly effective training plan.

I am busy. Do I have to attend the group workouts?
No, but we strongly recommend it. It is our chance to check on your form and progress in person.

Can you help me with transitions?
Of course! We will focus on all aspects of the triathlon process. In fact, we practice transitions in both group and individual sessions. You will also receive a transition guide from the coach.

Do you offer other coaching plans?
We want to offer you the services you want. If you don't see something listed in our services that fits your needs, call us and we will put a plan together for you based on your specific requirements.

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