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Personal Triathlon Coaching and Training

TriSmart Training Systems, based in St. Louis Missouri, provides personal triathlon and run coaching for athletes of all levels.  Head Coach Jennifer Meyer is a Level II USAT Triathlon Coach, a Pose Method Triathlon Coach and a Level II Pose Method Running Coach.

 TriSmart has coached hundreds of athletes ranging in age from 10 to 64 years old. They are anywhere from beginners to elite level in experience and performance. These athletes have excelled at Sprint, Olympic, ½ IronMan, and IronMan distance triathlons, as well as, 5Ks, 10Ks, Half marathons, marathons, and other distances and races.

TriSmart Training Systems, based in St. Louis, MO, provides personal triathlon coaching for athletes of all levels.

How can Tri Smart work for you?

  • Are you new to the world of triathlon? We would love to help you get started. We can help you be prepared for your first race!

  • Are you a triathlete or runner with a few races under your belt and you're wondering how you can get more organized and reach your next goal in the sport?

  • Have you hit a plateau in your improvements and you want some assistance moving forward?

  • Are you a good swimmer and you're looking for another avenue of competition? Let us help you get started quickly so your fast start in a race keeps you out in front until the end.

  • Are you a good cyclist needing swim instruction? TriSmart can help you improve your swim skills.

  • Maybe you’re a runner who wants a new challenge - triathlon may be it! With TriSmart you can develop your swimming and cycling while keeping your running on track.

  • Do you want to learn the most efficient and injury free way to run? TriSmart will teach you correct running technique so you can avoid the injuries that affect way too many runners.

Learn more about our Triathlon Coaching Services and unique Triathlon Training Philosophy.

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